Rock Paper Scissors

Read an interesting article today regarding Roshambo, that childhood game with the fingers in the shape of objects. Turns out, on first throws, rookie men show rock and rookie women show scissors.  More experienced competitors use different tactics.  Veteran men throw paper and mature women toss rock.  I think there is tremendous implication here.  Inexperienced in the art of seduction, men toss out the rock early, as a show of strength, credibility in carats, if you will.  The women, not wanting to jeopardize possible union, display scissors, an indication that pre-nuptial agreements would be unnecessary and ultimately destroyed.  First marriages are appeals to the other person.  And so time passes and the couple plays games and someone wins and someone loses, all-the-while breaking down each other’s defenses with a triad of offensive thrusts.  Rampant ruin and annihilation abound until the playing field exhibits the bloody remains of human pain and misery.

Those post-first marriage crusaders, whose initial entre into the matrimonial arena proved fruitless, now survey their opposition with more learned eyes.  Men lead with paper, ensuring agreements come first, superceding all scissors thrusts and rock desires.  Women, no longer willing to suffer the abuse of wanton suitors, send forth the rock, seeking commitment before more games ensue.  So what can be learned here?

Perhaps relationships are not a game.  Perhaps maturity and experience lead us to understand what we really want from life, and how quickly we can build defenses against those antagonistic to our goals.  Or maybe, and this is only a thought, maybe everyone should just start the game by showing the middle finger so we can get on with our lives.

By ccxander

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