Look What I Have :(

One week into this blogging effort and I’m already aware I’ve pretty much unzipped my fly and said “Look what I have.”  Granted, its below average fare and uninteresting to most, however, the overwhelming narcissism of creating a blog (not to mention one entitled “BewareofDogma”) indicates I may think my personal endowment, as it were, is superior to others.  It is not.  It is, sadly, dangling on a Southward vector, and uninspiring in ways that bowls of dog food or abandoned space stations are uninspiring.  Oh sure, I could contract with some freelance journalist to provide me with the literary equivalent of Viagra and spice this thing up a little, but that would be dishonest, like heading under the knife for surgical enhancement to add a little girth or length. I wasn’t raised that way. To me, a realistic assessment of ones manhood does a greater service to all mankind. And so here I am, naked, exposed, hoping to make a…well…small impression.

By ccxander

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