A cynic’s wish

Look, I understand the whole concept of English-only is pretty offensive to some folks.  Just the idea that America is a bastion of ethnocentrism is sort of oxymoronic for a nation built by immigrants.  However, there is something to be said for understanding language, and whether it be English or Spanish or Chinese, can we at the very least, agree to eliminate stupidity from the national vocabulary.

Tonight I ordered Chinese food online and the guy said I couldn’t do that because they didn’t have a fax machine.


The other day I asked the gas station clerk for regular bottled water and he said they only have unleaded and diesel.


A preacher told me that the Devil is evil and then explained that Satan punishes bad people.


One gets the sense that something infinite has been lost.  Maybe it’s because of the text messaging and the rampant abbreviations.  Perhaps it’s the immediate availability of information – via Wikipedia, Google, etc. – that allows us to stop thinking for ourselves.  Or possibly, with so much sensory stimulation, we’ve become desensitized to information, and thus, numb.

Whatever the reason, this infinite thing is gone, obliterated from our humanity.  We no longer understand each other.  Worse, most of us are no longer listening, but rather, entrenched in our daily lives to such an nth degree, we can no longer be considered part of the greater community.

I think what I’m trying to say – apparently I’m not sure – is we could all benefit from stopping for a brief moment, looking someone straight in the eye, and listening to what is being said.  The stupidity might remain (it might even be here in this entry), but it won’t go unnoticed, and isn’t that what all of us cynics are really hoping for?

By ccxander

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