Prince Charming?

So, apparently I’m supposed to be excited by Britain’s – mid-austerity movement – $100 million dollar spending spree to formally verify the nuptials of the next monarch.

Didn’t we entertain a fairly hard-fought battle with these folks across the pond?  Didn’t we gallop through the streets warning our citizens that King George III’s six-deep death squads were afloat and course-plotted for our nation’s center? Do we now shirk past grievances in favor of a paparazzi-like voyeurism? True, we left the eighteenth century a few years back, but America’s memory seems to be both short and forgiving.

Watching the military-dressed Prince stand altar-side, toe-to-toe with his new bride, hinted at an aggressive honeymoon in a way that harkens back to George III’s taxation command.  Young Wills is going to be lifting that gown and performing unimaginable acts of sedition in an attempt to imperialize Lady Catherine’s nether regions.  To her credit, she removed the phrase honor and obey in favor of something more congruent with equality, but let’s be honest, who in her right mind is going to defy the future King. Will Will thrust her upon the throne or lay her at the foot of the Palace threshold?

We should all watch Lady Kate, hoping she doesn’t just bend and succumb to Willy’s wishes, but rather, stands with America in its defiance of imperialistic intent. Lady Kate is our generation’s Lady Diana.  What once was lost now is found, hallelujah.  C’mon Kate.  Get on top of things, as it were.  Take hold of Charming’s mighty steed and ride into the sunset.  Britain and America need a strong female role model.

Long live the future Queen.

By ccxander

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