Fairy Tales

Hell of a week, eh? The girl married the prince.  The heroes killed the monster.  The citizens rejoiced in the streets.

And yet, there is a sense that something more is afoot, as though the Prince is a symbol of some long lost monarchy whose future reign may suffer something now being seen in the distant lands of the Arabian deserts, as if the monster was slain but left a slew of children and disciples in an Afghan cave, angry and bearded and vengeful, and as though the rejoicing citizens didn’t understand that their sense of decency and morality suggests that marching in the streets to celebrate a man’s death might be seen as morally reprehensible, regardless of the victim’s worthiness of such an end.

Fairy tales often have dual meanings.  Cinderella was pretty much a whore.  Before meeting the Queen, Snow White should have considered a heartier pre-game meal.  Peter Pan may carry a pedophiliac subtext etc. etc.   The point here is that happy endings are reserved for massage parlors and 3:00a.m. romps, not fairly tales.  So when you watch the news this week, look beyond the obvious to the deeper meaning.  After you cheer for the speedy hare, see if there is a tortoise trudging slowly down the road with a Charlie Sheen-like “Winning” attitude. Maybe that wolf in Grandma’s clothing tells us a little more about the world than we think.

And they all lived happily ever after.

By ccxander

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