Conspiracy Theorists

If Mount Everest were set in the deepest part of the Mariana Trench, 6,811 ft. of water would rest above it. The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the world’s oceans, and the lowest elevation of the surface of the Earth’s crust. Located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands, it is currently estimated to be up to 35,994 ft. deep.

The killing of OBL or UBL or LOL – we never actually saw his birth certificate – generates some pretty probative thoughts.  After the birther fiasco, we now have the deather debacle.  Less then twenty-four hours after his death, UBL/OBL was tossed into the sea in an homage to his religious beliefs, and thus disappeared in a way that would make New Jersey Italians smile.  The powers-that-be decided the American citizenry is too immature to handle viewing the photos of this execution, and thus, we now have a slew of deathers questioning whether UBL/OBL is, in fact, dead.

And by the way, let’s be honest, the leap of intelligence it took to decipher his O-to-U name change wasn’t exactly a lesson in incognito mastery. Vanna White could have managed to string that one together.

The depth here is brilliant.  Obama may never have been born. O/Usama may not be dead. The very small difference in the spelling of their names revolves around the letters BS.  Obama’s country of origin was in question – Kenya, Indonesia, America – and for some of the truly outlandish conspiracy theorists, Mars.  O/Usama is presumably Saudi, lived in Afghanistan, blew up New York, may have died in Pakistan, and now supposedly rests somewhere in the oceanic current.  Rumors abound that Panetta, not Obama, gave the order to take O/Usama out, while questions linger as to whether O/U or one of his henchmen (remember those guys on the Batman series, with the cool t-shirts that said Henchmen -not even as imaginative as the O/U misdirection ploy), commanded the 9/11 attack.  There is a four-year difference between O/U and OB’s ages, precisely the length of a Presidential term, unless you are ruling Libya. Factor in the recent death of Michael Jackson and the fact that no one has seen Latoya, aside from her brief appearance on the Apprentice – which frankly could easily have been CGI’d based on the fact that she had the personality of an un-oiled doorknob – and one begins to see shades of a growing theory.

I have no idea what that theory is, and the whole birther/deather things seems about as relevant as Bill Clinton’s latest hemorrhoid (appearing on Piers Morgan tonite by the way).  The point here is that the Mariana Trench is a deep canyon in the middle of the ocean, and a perfect resting place for the following: birther conjecture, deather conspiracy theories, and OBL/UBL/LOL’s recently-riddled corpse.

By ccxander

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