My Type of Tweets

@Arlington experiencing ghost tweets. Conspiracy theorists jittery. Stay tuned.

@GWwowIhadbadhairdays. Founded a nation and all they talk about is the cherry tree thing. Nice photos of me on the river though.

@JFKmagicbulletmyass to @Lincoln. Back of the head thing hurts, eh?  Last words of a President shouldn’t be “oof!” Hit me back, Abe!

@LincolnIgotthe$5billbitch! to @JFKmagicbulletmyass. Splitting headache here too.  Skip play “Our American Cousin” Terrible ending.

@TJJazzyJeff’son. Heard a rumor the British are preparing for a new King. Turning over in my…well, you know…thinking about writing again.

@ScrewAaronBurr Heard the same thing @TJJazzyJeff’son., but apparently our two-party compromise isn’t working out.  I told you so. Just sayin….

@YesIwasbornintheUSA. Seeking counsel.  Free board in Lincoln bedroom.  No UBL deather BS.  NO Tea parties!

By ccxander

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