Since Louisiana politicians recently decided to flood the small city in order to save New Orleans, Butte La Rose (the name jokes would be too easy) is preparing to be drowned.  Here we have a government protecting the majority over the minority, actually sacrificing one group’s houses for another group’s homes.  I think there’s a lot to think about about this. (God, I love when I can use language like that!)

Being a moderately strong Darwinist, and fundamentally against pure utilitarian principles, I’m wondering how one comes to this type of decision.  On the one hand, it is uncontaminated survival of the fittest – the city with the sq. ft. advantage and the larger population moves on while the smaller and weaker town disappears – while on the other, it goes against the whole concept of natural selection – the river wants to wipe out a certain population so a different part of the species can survive. By diverting the floodwaters, America, presumably dedicated to some quest to become environmentally friendly, is about to change the course of nature, literally.  Are we now legislating against natural selection?  Oh sure, I know the whole abortion and death penalty arguments et al, but Louisiana seems to be taking it to a new level.

These home-icides – domicilic cleansing if you will – represents a political Sophie’s choice, to remove certain homes over others. It’s not as if these homes are some parasitic blight upon the community, but rather, they are inappropriately placed, unfortunate victims of poor planning, and now subject to the political whims of residential ridding.

There are too many wrongs here:  the majority trampling the minority, the government’s Army Corps of engineers – without oversight – legislating the death of one community over another, the re-directing of America’s greatest river, the intrusion upon natural selection, and the un-vocal acceptance by a nation that is more focused upon Charlie Sheen’s midnight crack habits and whether or not O/U Bin Laden was a porn addict than on this latest governmental declaration of unbridled authority.

When one entity determines who lives and who dies, there is potential for a serious God Complex, and since this is a pretty great flood, I’m wondering if anyone in Louisiana has reported seeing an exceptionally large boat complete with some odd-looking four-legged hirsute couples.

By ccxander

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