Free money and other original solutions in a crappy economy

As the dollar decreases in value, commodity prices such as gold and silver and copper increase.  So, outside of winning an Olympic medal – that Phelps kid is gonna make out ok – I’ll need a game plan.  The copper weight of one hundred pennies is now worth more than a dollar, which means, if I change all of my dollars into pennies at the bank, and then bring those pennies to a facility that buys copper, I will receive more than the original dollar I broke down.  As copper prices rise, each penny will increase in value until the return on investment may actually be worth something substantial.  With the extra dollar bills, I will return to the bank and repeat the process until I’ve put together enough dollars that money no longer matters.

The crazy part of this solution is that I know people who are doing it, daily, making a few more dollars each day, moving from bank to bank in search of free money.  The more I attempt to find something wrong with this financial decision-making, the more lost I become.  These are folks who have figured out a loophole in the system, taking something that is guaranteed to hold or increase its value in the short term, and guaranteed to have no downside, because $1.00 will always be worth 100 cents while 100 cents may be worth more than $1.00.  I’m starting to wonder if there are other solutions like this in the world.

For example, if I wrote the addressee’s address as the return address, and left the middle of the envelope blank, and then didn’t put a stamp on the envelope, I could send in a rebate notice for less than the cost of postage.  If I start a blog that does movie reviews, studios will send me free advance copies of their dvd’s and I could put them on ebay, for a price.  Same with books, clothing, shoes, tech equipment.  Strange eh?  Companies spend money to market their product by word-of-mouth and the average creatively-minded entrepreneurial citizen can benefit.

What I am driving at is the unemployment rate may be deceptive.  Many people choose not to work because they have found ways to beat the system.  With rising gas prices and more labor supply than demand, unemployment benefits – however small – are often enticing.  Recently, one of the networks ran a story about at least three panhandlers making two-grand a week in coinage (that’s a six figure salary without taxes). Today, a lot of talk exists about people hating the rich, but it sure seems like those same people are trying to find disingenuous ways to become them.

By ccxander

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