‘Til death do us part?

With all of this pre-campaign campaigning going on, I’ve been thinking about this term limits issue, and as we all know by now, me thinking rarely turns out well.

Maybe it’s time for one-term candidates – an in and out thing (sexual connotation notwithstanding, after all the whole point here is to STOP getting fucked by these folks) – so they can focus for a term and then return home.  This would alleviate representatives from feeling obligated to outside interest groups and afford them time to work for an entire political season, without necessitating time on the re-election trail.

And since term limits sound interesting for politics, maybe we can apply them elsewhere.

Today I read an article that claimed over 50% of households no longer have a married couple running them.  Additionally, almost 70% of marriages end in divorce. So, how about exploring term limits for marriage, renewable contracts every two or three or five years.  This would allow successful pairs to renew and strengthen their bonds, while affording unhappy pairs a way out of the contract.  Knowing that they no longer have to choose between surviving a lifetime of misery or undergoing a nasty divorce, but rather, just have to stick out a term, might incentivize couples to compromise a bit more, and squelch the exponentially increasing frown lines and taut-lipped expressions visible on contemporary society’s urban landscape.  After all, marriage is a word, not a sentence.

For those who believe marriage has a historically religious basis, I’d suggest reviewing the history.  The only “Oh My God” involved in the marriage institution occurs right around the honeymoon, and shortly thereafter transforms into “Oh my! Goddamnit!”

We have term limits – leases – on cars, housing, and appliances.  We have term limits – semi-annual or monthly premiums – on car insurance, health insurance, life insurance.  We have an agreement with children – the unwanted offspring are kicked to the curb right around the 18-year mark. Education is broken down into semesters and three, four, or five-year programs.

Perhaps the only other lifelong commitment is one’s faith – although clearly there is something to be said for the random sports junkie who can’t imagine a season without shoving a plate of overpriced nachos through his intestines and dumping twelve ounces of something unfiltered down his throat as he farts and screams upon his sofa while cheering on this year’s un-winning version of a long past championship squad – but then, I was referring to religious faith.  Term limits may not be God-friendly, although it does seem a lot of folks take a sabbatical from morality right around the college years.  But even religion offers forgiveness and compassion and redemption.

If there is a point here, it’s this: Sometimes people make mistakes, and if yours happens to be choosing the wrong person to spend a lifetime with, surely you deserve a less painful escape clause. What do you think?

By ccxander

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