Equality vs. Liberty

We are a society cloaked in a conundrum.  The vision of America, as defined by our religious freedom, is now subservient to dialectical standard bearers.  On the one hand is the deity of liberalism, Equality.  On the other, the deity of conservatism, Liberty.  Seemingly compatriotic forces, these prevailing gods of thought and action have led America into a near-perfectly divided nation.

Promoters of equality offer up the mantra claiming equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed or color.  Other canons include governmental intervention to bring a progressive tax system, socialized health care, transparent borders, and a planet controlled by a world government.  All this in hopes of creating a global community dedicated to the health happiness and prosperity of humankind.  This noble goal, championing the philanthropic spirit of humanity joining with the ultimate objective of equal results for all, is a utopian view, which alienates the individualism of mankind.  Equality of opportunity is a fundamental precept in American history.  Equality of result is not.  To castigate and disincent the ambitious, the dedicated, the innovative citizens who subscribe towards higher achievement in hopes of leveling the playing field, serves to lower the standard of excellence for America’s citizens.  Equality is neither an ideal nor an outcome.  It is merely a fundamental tenet of America’s offer of opportunity to all who follow her rules of citizenry.  Questions: “Would the world be a better place if all peoples were required to live with the same means?  Would there be any incentive, beyond human desire, to avoid inaction, to work?”

Promoters of liberty offer up the mantra of individual rights for all, regardless of race, creed or color.  Other concepts include freedom of speech, freedom from governmental intervention into private life, barring the harming of other individuals, and a planet dominated by individuals pursuing their own destinies, based on their own ambition and desires.  All this in hopes of creating a global community dedicated to the health happiness and prosperity of humankind.  The left fears this deity will alienate those without ambition and desire, leaving them to wallow in the muck of apathy and ennui.  The deity fears, that given the opportunity, many will choose not to act and bear the sufferings of insignificance in a society of achievement.  The deity believes those who make this choice should be deemed as worthy as those who’ve chosen to pursue higher goals.  Consequently, these people should partake in all achievements and spoils of those who have worked to gain them.   This view stems from a past, encumbered with glass ceilings and a society laden with oppression.  Even as America evolves from its presentation of obstacles to certain sectors of society, to its presentation of open doors to those same sectors, the burden of history is too heavy to bear for the deity on the right.  He collapses under the weight of the pains and wrongdoings of yesteryear, and has not the strength to throw off the chains that pull society back to the past.

Questions: “Would the world be a better place if all people were allowed to choose how to disperse their treasures?”  Would people work to help others, or would the significance of a man be measured by the crowns he conquers?”

During this election and beyond, the deities will fight. The Sisyphus-like push for Equality is matched only by the hammer of Liberty that bashes the rock as it crests the hill.  We are a country divided.  The right will not let us be equal.  The left will not let us be free.

By ccxander

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