Why do you think like that?

Ever wonder how people – raised in the same city, in the same schools, sometimes even in the same family – can have such radically different political views?  One person wants higher taxes for the wealthy while the other wants lower taxes so the wealthy will hire more workers. One thinks a woman’s right to privacy outweighs the right to life for a fetus, while the other believes the opposite.  One stands behind death penalty and the other opposes it with a will. Is it something in our DNA, our parenting, our social environment, which causes us to differ so vehemently?  Everywhere I go, I hear political dissension among people.

When I was younger, I used to dislike other people for their opposing political views –pretty ignorant eh?  Now, armed with a more global perspective, it seems to me we’re pretty naïve to think we’re even close to getting it right. I’m starting to think we’ve come to a transformational crossroads as a nation.

There is something dastardly about this two-party monopoly on the system. The coming generation of 30 and 40-somethings is more tolerant, have had more access to the global arena, and out of necessity, tend to process information faster than their progenitors. And at the moment, neither party represents them.

But if we step outside our borders and look at the incredible number of political theories on the global horizon, perhaps we can find a solution to our ills.  Maybe there is a candidate or a party out there who engenders the political courage to bring something original to the table.  Or better yet, maybe that person is not blessed with a political mindset at all, but rather, an inherent understanding of humanity.

I guess what I’m driving at, on this ninety-degree morning where the sun is pouring through the windows and echoing sounds of seagulls bounce of the furniture, is maybe people’s opinions come from their life experience.  Maybe they form principles and beliefs based on things that have happened to them, and not according to some political ideology.  And maybe that slow fucker in the fast lane is having an anxiety attack over his kid’s cancer treatment and I should stop cursing at him.  Maybe the convenience store employee who can’t count my change properly is stressing over his own credit card payment and I should refrain from using the word “idiot” just a little longer.  Perhaps the waiter’s mother is in labor and the reason he can’t figure out how to place my order in a way that makes anything I wanted end up on the plate is because he is worried she might not make it through the pregnancy.  Maybe adding a little compassion and empathy for another’s plight can create a sense of harmony sorely needed in today’s discordant world.

And maybe people who attempt to write blogs about things that could be considered socially relevant feel obligated to add humor and cynicism in order to keep from sounding like complete jackasses.

Wow, I go downhill quickly!

By ccxander

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