Waiting for good news

When I was younger, I watched the news, believing, this is going to provide me with an education about the world.  There was just a general assumption that because these were televised adults, they had some sort of knowledge that allowed them to preach to others.  Having now reached the age of questionable maturity, WOW was I wrong.

Watching today’s news takes effort.  The new equation is: Reporting is subservient to political ideology is subservient to sensationalism.  Here are today’s headlines, although I have taken the glib liberty (note to self: Gliberty would be a phenomenal new word of the day) of placing well-paired ones next to each other:

Kim Kardashian “My butt is real”–Why you’ll save more at the pump

TSA forces 95 year old woman to remove diaper–Bodies of 6 climbers found

A sex trafficker’s worst nightmare–NZ police hopeful penguin may recover

Low fat cooking methods—Candidate loves street food

5 surprisingly raunchy destinations–Gallery: photos of Paris

New York hosts gay parade–Chinese activists silent after release

The point here is that we might consider a re-definition of the word “news.”  What is it?  Just a series of depressing murders, and celebrity fuck-ups, and fires?  Or maybe a political expose of a Congressional sexual escapade or some poll result?

I think news should add something to your knowledge base, or prepare you for the upcoming days.  News might motivate you to do something positive, or even extraordinary.  Maybe I don’t want to hear that a soldier died, but rather, that a soldier died performing a heroic act, or on some mission to aid a foreign citizen.  Maybe stories about the strength of the human spirit and how fortitude can empower, would receive better ratings than recitations of crime statistics or hurricane damage.

With society becoming more cynical everyday, conceivably someone in one of those ivory tower offices could take a glance down upon the populous and figure out that this nation was founded upon hope and determination, and then reflect those traits in the news.  Or maybe that’s too much to ask. After all, penis tweets and celebrity pregnancies are pretty fascinating fodder.

Anyway, I’m skipping the news tonight.  Heading over to the used bookstore to see if I can find a copy of CC Xander’s Skimming the Fishbowl.

By ccxander

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