Blogging Experiment Finished–off to learn how to write

I’ve recently learned what I write is considered unreadable by too many people.  They get a few paragraphs in and there is a deer-in-the-headlights thing, accompanied by a mild state of confusion and the desire to stick a fork in one’s eye.

I’ll admit the comments bit at my fragile ego the way your average hungry man might go at corn on the cob, but at some point I decided to end the suffering.  I guess I’ve always known that I see the world differently that most people.  I have this awkward desire to know more about everything – does time exist, where consciousness comes from, why life is hours of boredom with moments of terror, the nature of morality – and to want to discuss it.  Most of my friends find that stuff rather innocuous.

Anyway, thanks to the two or three of you who took the time to peruse my ramblings.

For now, I’m hopelessly returning to the pursuit of writing something readable. Until then, beware of dogma.

By ccxander

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