Read an article today stating scientists at the high-energy physics consortium have discovered a particle that travels faster than light. Clearly there are those who would find this uninteresting, except, it sort of puts things in a whole new light (pun intended).  Einstein may have been wrong.

We might be able to tap into some of that power and shoot out into the universe to see how it was actually formed, time travel crap.  More importantly, faster than light – meaning that whole George Lucas sequence with the deforming stars and the “Hold on, Chewie” long shot may have been spot on – implies we might hear something happen before we see it happen.  Now, I don’t know about you, but if I knew I was peeing on the toilet seat before it actually happened, there’d be some happier people in my house, not to mention the whole notion of solving the “light in the refrigerator” riddle.

On a similar note, there’s been a lot of recent speculation on the nature and origin of dark matter.  Maybe it’s just particles traveling faster than light.  Perhaps there is a whole universe of rapidly moving beings out there who live in shadows and laugh at the sloth-like humans trying to figure out why 5 mph speed limit increases require legislation.  Maybe the whole archetypal battle between light and dark is just some Darwinian exploration of speed – “you are so slow I can see you.”

It’s probably ironic that I’m going to finish this blog entry and then try to make it back to bed before my light goes out, but then, irony is going to disappear in the near future.  After all, if I can know something before it happens, irony may not ever exist again.  Poet Dylan Thomas wrote “Rage, rage, against the dying of the light” an I’m thinking he might just have been ahead of his time.  Ironic eh?

By ccxander

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