Rum Blogging

9:24 p.m. and the Caribbean waves are rocking me to sleep.  94 degree weather with 95% humidity means I’m spending the majority of my days in some sort of water.  Today though, the Slovenian girl battled a tough Brazilian.  First set 6-7.  Scorching suns, however, can wilt a South American spirit.  Final two sets, 6-1, 6-1.  Into the quarterfinals. My player, 6’2″ left-hander whose physique resembles a WNBA baller, plays a somewhat larger girl/refrigerator whose stature statistics read like something out of an upper level math course.  192 centimeters and 187 pounds plus a size 13 shoe and a serve pushing 125 mph. The girl/Frigidaire doesn’t so much walk as plod.  Her grunt has a Neanderthalic thing about it, and there may or may not be more hair on her ass than mine.  But that’s tennis these days: Big women in big shoes with big balls.     For the local Malibu crew, Anu is also in the quarters!

Tonight I tried my first Jamaican culinary concoction: Fried plantains with rum ice cream.  I have been eating it for a while now and it’s possiblee the best thing I’ve ever tashted.  They poor a lot of rumm in the ice cream and it’s sho good you bearley feel it.  Truth ish, you could probably eat thissh shtuff fourever and not even kno yur getting drunc.  The plaintans are relly gud too but I am csinderng having moor ish creme becuz it jusht tastes grate. Aneeway, I recmend yu all tr’i it befoor yu dye.  🙂

Match time 9:30!

By ccxander

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