On Washington’s Thievery

Criminal charges eh?

Sorry, gentlewomen, gentlemen and common thieves up there in those grand white-marble iconic structures, but that’s insufficient.

See, we American folk out here, the ones paying our hard-earned tax-dollars – those of us who are employed and can afford it anyway – have had enough.  $800,000 on Vegas partying?  Overpriced prostitutes in Mexico? Most unlikely to succeed solar company with a half billion dollar price tag?  This lavish squandering is unacceptable.

We hear the news media talk about accountability and then have to suffer the six-day Congressional hearings where presumably intelligent Congressmen make statements like this :

Scroll to 1:15 and watch until 1:30


At some point it becomes our responsibility to question the level of stupidity carrying on in Washington’s hallways.

Thomas Jefferson wrote:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Punishment is simply inadequate.  These matters must cease.  We don’t need these people going to jail for their crimes.  What we demand is an end to the malfeasance.  Bernie Madoff dropped $50 billion – give or take a zero – in taxpayer money, and now sits in jail until he’s just a dash between two dates on a gravestone.  Yet, apparently white-collar prison sentences aren’t threatening enough to dissuade our government-folk from acting inappropriately with our dollars.

I did a little math on this thing.  Just using the three examples above, our federal employees have blown about $500,810,000, which averages out to about $3 per working age American citizen.  About half the country doesn’t pay income tax, so that means $6 per person.  For some people, that’s almost hour of work – an hour away from their families, an hour of stress committed to earning food, paying medical insurance, mortgages, adding capital improvements to their small businesses, funding their kids college tuition, or making the rent.  Even worse, we are now each paying $8 per day to pay the interest on the national debt – which, by the way, doesn’t give a damn about weekends off.

The level of disrespect you impose upon your citizenry is astonishing.  You are elected as representatives – a term I’d suggest you research in the ol’ O.E.D. for clarification – and yet you continually succumb to the arrogance of power.  Well, congratulations on educating the population to your self-importance.

As you continue your efforts to dismantle our rights, we strengthen in our resolve. You see, we consider pre-meditated theft as an assault on our families, our houses, our children’s futures, and we will defend those with our own lives.  Voting you out of office is merely the first step.  Expect us to act in accordance with your crimes.  You’ve proven prison is no deterrent. We will find an answer.

By ccxander

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