The Death of Civility

Can someone tell me when courtesy left the world?  To wit:

At the airport:

“Excuse me ma’am, I need to use the restroom for a moment and I was wondering if you could watch my bags for me until I return?”

“Yea, um, this is too much like the first scene in a terrorist film, so NO.”

No? Have you ever heard someone say “no” in this situation?  Would you ever say “no?”

For a moment, I wondered if I was just profiled – the threatening blue jeans, the v-neck white t-shirt which clearly implied something detonating, and the brown leather shoes which we all know is the universal footwear for plane blower-uppers.  Yes, evidently I have the look of a potential suicide bomber.….or maybe…. somewhere deep down in the Hollywood psyche that pits logic against imagination in a losing battle,  she’s just living in a fantasy world where well-groomed men with soft voices and courageous smiles are out placing bars of C-4 in her sphere of influence and trying to test her resolve.  I doubt it though. I’m pretty sure she was just being bitchy.

Sadly, the world seems to be moving in this direction, and fast.  Remember when you used to say hello to your neighbors and leave your kids un-supervised at the park?  Remember when you could safely hitchhike, or stand on a subway without fear of getting your pocket picked?  Remember the days when an evening walk wouldn’t end up in the news?

I’d hate to think I’ve reached an age where I’ve become nostalgic for civility, but I think it’s happened.  There seems to be a pervasive force of mistrust permeating society these days.  It makes me sad.

Anyway, I hope the woman appreciated that I tried not to splash her bags when I urinated on the floor next to her.

By ccxander

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