Attention: Deficit Disorder

Just once I’d like to hear someone in our government tell it like it is.


Dear America,

We…um…ahem…hrummpphh….alright I’m just gonna say it. You know that thing people talk about called financial responsibility, where if you don’t have money, you don’t spend it.  Well, um, we fucked up.  Big time!  We’ve leveraged America’s future by putting it on a credit card and now we’re looking into this great chasm of financial devastation and thinking, “Oops!”

Truth is, we probably should have stopped when the deficit hit zero dollars, or maybe a few thousand below the beltline  – the way holiday shoppers do.  But we didn’t.  We saw all these great things America could have right now and we’ve placed the responsibility upon our nation’s children to the tune of about 50K per kid once they leave the womb.  It’s quite possible there is no way out.


Oh sure, we can print sixteen trillion in new money and pay off our debt to China, but that would devalue the dollar and mean bread and milk prices would push higher than Hunter S. Thompson on a bender.   Hell, we could even raise the hell out of income tax on the 50% of the population that pays it and we’d barely make a scratch in the deficit, not to mention the tailspin we’d throw our economy into.  We could cut spending enough to rip the well-being out of the Medicare patients and we could slash the military budget until we’ve got just a few guys and girls in rowboats shooting water pistols at our attackers.  We could make the retirement age somewhere near Betty White and make up new terms for unfunded liabilities and tell everyone that they’ll have to “bite the bullet” for a few years.


But guess what?  That still won’t do it.

Because unless China forgives about half of our debt, we’re pretty much done.  Start learning Mandarin kids, because in about fifty years, the headlines in the Peking Press are going to be talking about those poor little children in Atlanta, Georgia and Manhattan, New York who are laboring away in sweat shops at $0.32 per hour to help their parents put some rice imported rice on the table.   Once we hit twenty trillion, it’s over – there’s no way home – fat lady singing, deflating erection, final credits rolling on the Constitution, OVER!   And that day is coming very soon.


It’s painful to be an economic pessimist, but with fiscal cliff impending and unfunded liabilities growing and an apathetic generation of entitled youth, there just simply seems to be no hope left.

And still they won’t tell us the truth.  Still they are negotiating deals that only raise 1.5 trillion in revenue, and deals that only cut the increase in spending – not the actual spending.   With leaders like this, it is no wonder we are staring into the dark chasm of economic doom.  Maybe it’s time we throw in the towel and max out the ol’ Visa.  Maybe we should all pursue the hedonistic lifestyle and forget about the future.  YEA!  C’mon Darwinists, let’s do it.  What do we have to lose?  It’s just our country, right?


By ccxander

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