New word of the day: Transparentcy (def) Adults who turn into children


I know there are a lot of people out there who gripe about politics – understandably. I love to engage in political discussions and I try to argue against whatever side the other person takes. It makes us more adept debaters when we can contend from more sides of the spectrum, no?

Still, this latest series of events has got me stymied.  We were told this was going to be the most transparent administration in history.  I remember that line from about five years ago because it got me all fired up and excited that things might be different, that perhaps someone was finally headed into the big house with some cogliones and would lower the curtain in front of the wizard and give us all a look-see.  Even if the emperor had no clothes, I wanted to check the fella out.

But now here we are, staring into the redacted Freedom of Information paperwork, listening to IRS (Internal Revenge Service) vendettas, curious why Benghazi reports were altered, frustrated that the government grabbed the AP phone records, wondering where transparency went, and whether or not information is being withheld to protect people from embarrassment, or worse.  It’s just too damn depressing to thing hope and change has disintegrated into hopeless and unchanged.

I used to ask questions about the role of leaders versus the role of representatives, and whether one portended arrogance over the other.  I used to wonder whether we could send men and women to the marble capital and hope that they would forego their own personal principles in support of the philosophies of the populace.  I used to think the people representing this country’s leadership would be able to move beyond corruption toward the ideals of the American Dream.

Alas, it seems something has gone awry.  I guess representatives will always be bullied by lobbyists and forced to comply with the wishes of special interests.  I guess leaders will always succumb to their own welfare instead of protecting the security of the people they presumably lead.  I guess all of those things we learned in high school about checks and balances, and separation of powers, and the role of a representative, were just a bunch of academic rubbish.

Well, this was supposed to be a rant on transparency and I guess now you know where I stand on the issue.  I think that’s what transparency means – to tell people exactly how things are, even if they suck.  Perhaps someone can take that message out to the East Coast.  I think some folks are confused on the definition.

By ccxander

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