The Buck Pauses…and Moves On.


I didn’t know the speed limit was 55

When I passed that slow moving grandmother

Whose white knuckles and red face and bluish hair

Were the same color of the police car that stopped me


I didn’t know I should have gotten involved

When that masked man was robbing the store

And holding the life of that shop-owner at gunpoint

To steal money meant for his daughter’s chemo treatment


I didn’t know my child knew about my gun

Or that he’d remove it from its place inside my closet

And bring it to school during third period

To slaughter daughters and sons for fun


I didn’t know the IRS was targeting certain groups

Or that Justice meant taking freedom from the press

Or that 3a.m. embassy calls should be answered

Because precedents for Presidents are rarely prescient


I didn’t know ignorance wasn’t a valid excuse

Since accountability seems to have disappeared

Into the entitled arms of the next generation

Who don’t even know they don’t know.



By ccxander

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