Courage on Another Level

imagesI help support a charity called Project Child Save, a group of ex-military men whose life mission is to rescue young girls who’ve been kidnapped and sold into the sex slave trade.  Tomorrow morning, I am interviewing the team leader, Ty Ritter, in preparation to write his story.   The scars on his body are a testament to his heroism and I’d be hard-pressed to find a better man in this world. This morning, someone asked me why I stay involved in this mission, to which I responded,

“The answer isn’t convenient or comfortable because most people don’t want to talk about how depraved mankind can become. Ty and his team receive hundreds of letters about missing children and spend months doing recon to gather Intel for their missions. They travel under cover of darkness and without government support. They fly in rented helicopters and wear camouflage gear, bear weapons against the enemy and courage in their souls. They descend into locales where the terrain is dangerous, the language is foreign and the adversary is equipped to kill.  They risk their lives for our daughters and expect no reward.  They have never left a child behind, often going on missions to rescue one child and coming home with ten or more.  The team’s pledge is: “If necessary I will give all my tomorrows for one child’s today.”  While relating tales of brutalized little girls who require bodily repairs and reconstructive surgery, Ty recounts stories that will leave you in tears.”

I have met few heroes in my time on this planet, and frankly, the task seems daunting.  But then, imagine losing your child to the shadows.  Imagine heading off the bathroom and returning to find your life changed.  Imagine the unyielding determination you’d discover when the final note of your child’s life was a scream for you to help them.  Yep, tomorrow’s interview seems daunting, but in these circumstances, fear is unwelcome.

Tonight I prepare for something extraordinary.

By ccxander

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