Things I Think About Too Often


If 20 babies of varying races and genders were dropped onto a deserted island, would they grow to organize themselves by race and gender?

How is it that some restaurants can nab me for going back for free refills, but we can’t stop people from voting more than once?

If guns are so horrible, why are we sending them to the Syrian people?

Anyone who wants candy, raise your hand.  Anyone who wants Viagra, raise your…oh sorry.

If a woman has a right to her own body, why can’t she drink a 32 oz. cup of soda for it if she lives in NYC?


Why has Kmart started its Christmas advertising in early September?

How come it takes me 8 seconds with my cell phone to Google map the front of my house but, after nine months, we can’t find the Benghazi killers?

After reading the literature and case studies on House and Senate term limits, I’m still lost as to why we can have Presidential and Gubernatorial term limits, but we can’t impose them for Congress.

If I started a government today, what would be the first five things the government should do to care for its people?

It is said 30 billion dollars per year could cure world hunger.  Our national debt increases 2 billion dollars per day.  We could cure world hunger in two weeks.

Voting for something to find out what’s in it is like signing a contract before reading it.

If people believe tax cuts don’t trickle down, and people believe higher taxes are a disincentive to hiring, how exactly do we work ourselves out of this quagmire?

Would government function differently if there were no re-elections, but rather,  a new group of Representatives every two years?

1 in 6 people in America is hungry.  1 in 5 is obese.  Just imagining the dinner table dynamics that would cause this situationwill either make you laugh or cry.


By ccxander

2 comments on “Things I Think About Too Often

  1. Thank you! Will share your insightful thoughts at dinner table to open up a great discussions…. I know Kenji will get very emotional on a few topics though … and maybe he should look you up sometimes as shares your views.
    best Silvia

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