Bait and Switch

It’s amazing how history continues to show the disgusting truth about George Bush. In digging through his emails, a Los Angeles reporter recently discovered his leaking of sensitive information regarding the military. Like someone else is being accused of these days, Bush kept a private email account on his Presidential computer and many of those emails were hack-able by foreign intelligence services. During his Presidency, and for nearly a decade afterward, Bush withheld those emails from the public, but via the Freedom of Information Act, it has now been shown that several emails were related to military movements during the war in the Middle East.

Whether the information was actually used by the enemy to kill American troops has yet to be determined. However, sources suggest that due to Bush’s incompetence, foreign enemies had access to the movements of the American militia during wartime. It’s simply abominable to think that a politician would have the audacity to keep sensitive (and hackable) information on his personal computer when American lives are at stake.

Just one more thing to prove what a scumbag this guy really was.


My apologies. I need a retraction here. It wasn’t George Bush, it was Hilary Clinton who did this. Will the name on the marquis change the way people feel about the act?


Rudyard Kipling wrote,

 If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    And treat those two impostors just the same… 

 I think he had it right.

By ccxander

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