American Hallucinations


The American political landscape now resembles a celebrity roast. Politicians stand behind a podium, hurling stones at each other, while claiming they are the true voice of the people, the nation, and the essence of American interests. They are divisive, condescending, and so vehemently focused on dethroning the champions of the other side, that America’s well-being has been relegated to an afterthought. We have reached an intersection between reality television and national mockery. To find the nation’s next President, we’ll need more than debates, deceits and public demeaning. We’ll need a leader.

Leadership is about unification. It is about recognizing that some men are not better than other men. It acknowledges that humans, regardless of gender or race or preference, are just simply humans. Leadership accepts the fact that no one “deserves” anything, other than an equal opportunity to prosper, provided they make the effort and can access the intellectual and physical wherewithal to pursue their aspirations.[1]

Leadership requires visionary thinking, perhaps not so much to restore America’s prominence in the world, but rather, to ensure all of her peoples are safe, and endowed with an opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

Over the past few decades, the immigrant community has entered America with new ideas, new culture and the political philosophies of their homelands. Rather than assimilate into the American culture, they’ve opted to pull the country into the deepest waters of sociopolitical ambiguity, disorienting her with their desire to drown her cultural origins. They want this nation to conform to the ideals of the nations they left, to be “more like home” so that their adjustments to the American standard of living is not difficult. As a result, the country is changing.

The consequence of such action is a nation which no longer survives in the tradition of its founding. Instead, America finds itself bobbing in the ocean of opinions, a country without anchor, a spellbound ship seeking a port with a firm foundation. In 2016, she will gain a new captain, presumably one who can pilot us to safe shores. At present, however, each of the candidates lacks the navigational wherewithal to chart a course to sanctuary. The absence has a discouraging presence.

Entrenched in their party dogma, the candidates no longer consider the nation’s well-being. Rather, they operate campaigns to counter the opposition, saturating the airways with invectives and denunciations until America’s future looks more like a rugby skirmish than manifest destiny. They shout “Those darn Republicans” or “Those darn Democrats,” as though they are willing to abdicate their responsibility to represent a major faction of their constituents.


How can fiftypercent of the populous support a President who spends the majority of a campaign disparaging the ideals and beliefs of that constituency? Imagine a little league coach ignoring half of his players and you get the idea. It’s hard to imagine we have come to this place in American politics. This is not leadership. This is reprehensible.

At present, all three branches receive the scorn and contempt of the populous – not one faction of government garners more than fifty percent approval rating. So what does that leave us?

The names Bush and Clinton, Sanders and Trump, Carson and Chaffey, do not inspire us the way Obama and Reagan did during their campaigns. Those orators made us believe unification was possible, that one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all was more than an ideal. They envisaged a nation, which re-established the American dream and we Americans bought into those visions. Whether you approve or disapprove of the outcome of either of those administrations, it is the campaigns that were relevant. Through Iowa and New Hampshire, Kentucky and California, Americans believed in the ideas these men espoused. Today, no candidate engenders that confidence.

America’s sunset is approaching now. I hope one of today’s candidates corrects course. I hope one of them abandons political party dogma and seeks to fuse dialectics into dreams, such that possibilities will appear in the horizon’s blue sky. I hope one leader will emerge from the bowels of America’s ship to captain us upon a course where people will tell tales of a mighty ship, which weathered many squalls.

If not, the stormy skies may once again entomb a great civilization and the American Dream may transform into the American nightmare.

[1] If not, and this is an important point, our society should help. The mentally ill and physically disabled require our care, and we, as a compassionate and civilized society, have an obligation to help those who cannot help themselves. Whether society has other obligations to all of its members – education, health care, welfare – is left for its members to determine.

By ccxander

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